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I have been resisting instagram for years, but I have taken the plunge. I seem to have a desire around my birthday each year to start a new online project so this year it is instagram. First nolorie to post about my Above the Fold project and other studio happenings.

@nolorie Instagram

I quickly realized that Instagram is the perfect platform for my Migraine Register project and began @migraineregister. Not because I want to post daily photos, but that I can select images from the project and include short texts. Hopefully it will get the project out there  in ways twitter has not been able to. I see it as also generating ideas for the book I want to do. I’ve been posting images that are part of as well as newer ones since that project launched 2 years ago on my birthday.

@migraineregister InstagramThe down side: I have been a little addicted to both feeds, and the one thing I don’t need in my life is more screen time.


I have started writing realizing that my migraine project needs words as well as images. I am having trouble knowing where to begin. Writing for me is more painful (conceptually and emotionally) than making images. Specifics take on a greater importance. I leave the word document and return to sorting, organizing, and editing the 1500+ images from last 2.5 years. First self portrait I ‘officially’ took for this project appears to be September 16, 2009. At that point, however, it was not an art project, it was just another of my many attempts to record the frequency of my migraines. So as I struggle to write about the invisible, I return to this image that I made in November 2011 where visions of migraines collected from the Internet are imprinted on my body. Above is the reworked version.

And babies & artist interventions

Art Worker’s Coalition (Frazer Dougherty, Jon Hendriks and Irving Petlin)”  1969-1970

Still trying to write my essay for ‘Photography & Atrocity’ book. I was thinking about artist interventions and this photo came to mind and typed in ‘and babies’ to google and the first 3 were these photos.  The words make us look. We read the question, pause and read the answer.  Tbe image stares at us stays in our consciousness.

– – – – –

Now thinking about Robert HEinecken and his interventions with magazines. I never made the connection with this work and mine, but now it is so clear – the cultural images we desire/cherish (beauty ads/family snapshots) and atrocity photos that have numbed us. There is a LOOK AT THIS in this combination that I strive for in Reverb and other of my works putting my family photographs in juxtaposition with my family photographs and self portraits.

the web as exhibition space

I have been thinking a great deal about the under use of the web as an exhibition space—web projects should be like artists books where the web project is the art work and is not just presenting images that look better ‘in the flesh’. I am pushing my students and pushing myself.
So here is my first of what will be a series of web experiments


and here is Eyetest in real space

Thanks to Diane Bertolo and Jon Meyer
for helping me make Eyetest in cyberspace.
It is my first leap into javascript.

I get by with help from my talented and generous friends.