I am working on updating my website and have come across many old images I have forgotten about. like this one:

In summer 1984, I attended Yaddo and painted my studio floors white so I could have a white box in which to project slides.  The room became my blank canvas and I projected just about every image I brought with me.

new news

Returning to work after exhibiting is always hard.

Experimenting with my files and new found photoshop skills. I’ve discovered tonight that the overlay layer lets me make combinations like I used to putting two slides together on my light table.

Here I find myself staring at myself stare at the screen and while I am staring at the screen i find myself making the same gesture.  And it is as if I am trapped in the screen – trapped in the news. The red in the photo is like blood on my hands and/or my mouth.  I am both silenced and scarred.