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First Photograph of Electric Chair

From TIME Lightbox
Interesting story about this famous photograph and timely in that Tennessee is about to vote to reinstate the electric chair. Just voting on it is horrifying enough.

Daily News Front page. Extra Edition. January 13, 1928.

How the photo was taken: The New York Daily News knew that the prison was familiar with many journalists from their staff, so they hired someone from out of town, Tom Howard, a then-unknown local photographer from the Chicago Tribune. Knowing he would never be allowed in with a camera, Howard strapped a single-use camera to his right ankle and wired a trigger release up his pant leg. Remarkably, he was allowed in. From across the room, Howard pointed his toe at the chair and took but one photo as Snyder took her last breaths.

[Read more: The First Photograph of an Execution by Electric Chair – LightBox ]

… In my mind Andy Warhol used this photo for his Electric Chair series, but no.



photographer Anja Niedringhaus

re-blogging this from the Lens Blog. Want to remember the post and her.

Parting Glance: Anja Niedringhaus
Anja Niedringhaus, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer for The Associated Press, was killed in Eastern Afghanistan today when an Afghan policeman approached her vehicle at a security checkpoint and opened fire with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The German native was 48 years old.

The front page of Friday’s edition of the International New York Times. An image by Anja Niedringhaus was published on the front page of the paper the same day she was killed while on assignment in Afghanistan.

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8 Days a Week

Sunday February 9 – Saturday February 15, 2014 – taking stock.

Saturday Feb 15, 2014

Some days I look at the front page of the NY Times, and I am struck by the pattern of the front page images. Today above the fold is a generic ice skater from the Winter Olympics and below the fold is a powerful image from Syria that has stayed in my mind since I saw it online yesterday.

Sunday, the Times celebrated the opening of the Olympics above the fold and the 50th anniversary of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan below.

Thursday and Friday weather moved the Olympics below the fold!

Shirley Temple and Sid Casear died this week and their former star selves smile at us from below the fold.

Only Monday did a hard news photo make it above the fold with an image from the escalating situation in Syria.

Monday above the fold

Sometimes you can learn a lot by just counting.

Sorting – Categorizing

In my studio

Beginning to make sense of the front page news photos. Almost 15 years in my studio.

Categorizing the front-page image above the fold:

Memorials, Celebrations, War, Aftermath, Crime, Daily Life, Holding/Taking Photos, Science, Grieving Women, Grieving Men, Men with Guns, Sports, Politicians, Protest, Weather, Natural Disaster, Man Made Disaster – categories keep presenting themselves.

photo globe trotting

This fantastic photo attached to the story Immigration Shifts Could Provide Opening for Compromise  was on the lead image on the nytimes.com site this morning when I first visited- switched to the global site and found it there. Then I switched to the chinese edition and there was this horrifying photo from Syria which was the 3rd photo on the lens blog yesterday. No link to the story on the lens blog but I did find the story after hitting the ‘world’ tab. Reading the paper online always feel a bit random to me.

After going back to the US edition, the photo of Obama on the laptop is gone and has been replaced by changing photos from the congressional hearings on gun violence.And here is the ‘paper’ front page photo which is the same as the first photo on yesterday’s lens blog.

Watching Syria’s War – NYTimes.com

Watching Syria’s War – NYTimes.com Videos and images of the continuing conflict in Syria

The New York Times is tracking the human toll of the conflict in this feature. The primary source is the online video that has allowed a widening war to be documented like no other, and posts try to put the video into context.

the news becoming pointing/linking

** In thinking about these warnings, I realize you are not given an obvious way to skip the image. Most people use the next button and the only way to skip is go to numbers down below to pick the one after next. Also warning never seems to appear in the full screen view.



Neil Young / Newspapers

“When I get the paper, I read it through and through..” Neil Young – refrain on song “Get a  Job” in new Americana album. [lyrics] Granted, he is talking about reading the classifieds (that don’t exist) but still like that he is singing about the newspaper.

ESPECIALLY since I am listening to this as I sort through papers.

In looking through papers from past four months, big categories for front page photo are MEN WITH GUNS (mostly from Middle East), DISTRESSED WOMEN (mostly from Middle East and Southeast Asia), POLITICIANS (mostly men), SPORTS. It is election time and most of the sports are Olympics so that explains the size of them. More analysis needed and then of course how to transform all this into photographs.